At Sarum Academy we are proud to open our facilities to the local community and create a space for learning, sports and special events.

To check availability or to arrange a viewing please call 01722 342434, email or fill in an enquiry form.


Dear Customers

We are now open again to deal with booking requests for 29th March 2021 onwards.

Booking requests will be dealt with as quickly as possible, however depending on the quantity of requests bookings will be prioritized as follows:

Requests for Step 1 (29/03/2021) will be answered first.

Requests for Step 2 (12/04/2021) will be dealt with from 22/03/21

Requests for Step 3 (17/05/2021) will be dealt with from 03/05/2021

We thank you for your continued support and your patience is truly appreciated.

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